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one-of-a-kind creations made with loving energy

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hi and welcome to my website,  I'm kimberly, the creator of kimberlysblessings.  i am a safta (grandmother), mom, wife, artist, challah baker, bookseller, a former pediatric nurse, and marriage and family therapist and i was born and raised in miami florida where i have resided for the past 35 years.

i have been creating and making things all my life. for many years,  i worked mostly with copper and silver wire and special glass beads, creating unique items, including mobiles of hearts, and hamsas, peace signs, mezzuzahs and unusual items always filled with loving energy.  while studying Hebrew to become an adult bat mitzvah in 2005, i had the idea to make my first YAD (a torah pointer) and,  my unique yads have become a coveted gift for many chanting torah all over the world.

in late december of 2009, i lost my youngest son Zander, (Z$), a well known, well loved, pinecrest resident, who was a standout athlete and friend, whose fiery spirit touched the lives of so many.  in honoring his memory i began creating "blessing wands" which are used to sprinkle positive energy over friends and loved ones and bring laughter and smiles to whomever is holding the wand or receiving its energy.  

what a special way for me to honor my son and keep him with us, for we miss him dearly.  i like to think that he feels the love and blessings we are sending. miss you Z!

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in honor and memory of zander

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#best challah ever

there is something magically special about baking challah on shabbat.  AND, there is something even more magical about breaking bread with others and connecting for a shared moment of light  and love.  that's what shabbat is for me.  ever since i learned how to bake challah some fifteen years ago, i began a weekly ritual baking challah every friday.  over the years i have perfected my challah and i have shared many delicious love filled challahs at shabbat tables all over the country.  challah for rehearsal dinners, challah for bar/bat mitvahs, challah for funerals, minyans, for those in need of healing, for those who are celebrating.  it's a very special thing and certainly defines a portion of who i am.

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Challah Baking

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if you would like to place an order for a special creation, please call, text, or email me!  My creations can also be found at BOOKS & BOOKS Suniland, where i presently work as a bookseller :)


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